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Notts Students Congratulated On A Level Results

22nd August 2016

Councillor John Peck, Nottinghamshire County Council's committee chairman for children and young people’s services, has congratulated young people in schools across the county who have been receiving their A level and other examination results today.

"I would like to congratulate all young people who have worked so hard to achieve their good results,” said Councillor Peck.

"Whilst many of our young people will be taking up well deserved places at universities and colleges, others will now be starting apprenticeships which offer work-based learning in partnership with educational providers and employers.

"To those students who have perhaps not achieved what they had hoped for, I’d urge them not to feel despondent - there are still opportunities to select other courses at university or college or to seek out work-based learning through apprenticeships. University isn’t for everyone – and increasingly students are thinking long and hard about which route will best get them where they want to go career-wise.

“Gap years are also an increasing possibility for some young people and provide a period of reflection for some students - these don’t necessarily have to be taken abroad; many local and national voluntary-aided organisations and charities offer high quality experiences.

"Today is also an opportunity to thank teachers who have provided the learning opportunities over many years to ensure that our young people can celebrate their achievements today. Nottinghamshire teachers have been ambitious in their aspirations for all children and I publicly acknowledge their commitment to Nottinghamshire students.”

Over recent years, fewer and fewer schools have shared their data quickly enough to enable us to present an accurate and representative picture of the county’s results to media on the day.

Part of this is due to the number of Nottinghamshire secondary schools which are now academies (all but four) and the fact that they are not obliged to share their results with the local authority.

And some schools will also want to appeal certain individual results with exam boards so, understandably, will not want them published before the outcome of those appeals is known.

The DfE expects to publish national and local authority statistics in late October. At this point, the County Council will be in a position to comment on and provide analysis of the countywide position.

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