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The Mansfield Townscape Heritage Project – Mansfield Revived – is supported by a grant of nearly £850,000 from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and will be delivered in conjunction and partnership with Mansfield District Council.


Other partners helping with the five year project are Mansfield BID, Vision West Nottinghamshire College and Nottinghamshire County Council.


It's called Mansfield Revived because it’s all about rejuvenating and possibily even reinventing the town centre.


It's all about conservation and community and will focus on the historic properties in the Leeming Street and Market Place area of the town.


The money will be used to help local businesses and owners enhance the architectural quality of their historic buildings and provide opportunities for local volunteers of all ages to learn new skills while celebrating the return of one of Mansfield's most elegant shopping streets to its former glory.


The team behind the project have now linked up with Mansfield 103.2 to get people talking to each other and sharing Mansfield stories even during the current coronavirus lockdown


How can you help?


Everyone can take part by helping to promote Mansfield Revived through their contacts, families and social networking sites, but there will also be specific things you'll be able to can get involved with along the way.


Right now, the people behind the project are looking for people who would like to train as content editors for a new community website that's being created for the exciting project.


Although you won't be paid for your involvement you will be fully trained and gain lots of valuable experience.


The website will have background information, project news, an events calendar, a gallery of photos, videos and stories about the Townscape Heritage area and a page where you can sign up as a volunteer supporter.


If you think you might like to be a web content editor you can email Pete Brown the Community Participation Coordinator for the project at  brownp@mansfield.gov.uk or you can give him a call on 07811 693870. 


Share your memories


Alongside the building renovation, there'll also be research done into the history of the Market Place and Leeming Street  – who owned and ran the businesses there, what kind of businesses were they, who worked there, and how the experience of shopping has changed over the years.


That's where you and your family come in: a special page has now been created on Mansfield Museum's Our Mansfield and Area website where you can upload your own memories, as photos, video or written stories.




Once the coronavirus restrictions are lifted, there’ll also be a chance for you to train up as a historical researcher or an oral history interviewer.


Why should you get involved?


The National Lottery Heritage Fund has given Mansfield a fantastic opportunity to not only be proud of the town's history but also to shape its future.


It's hoped that  Mansfield Revived will bring people together from different backgrounds and different generations, allowing them to both share their stories and learning from each other and ultimately enable us to work together to form a better and brighter future fo the town. 


If you want more information or to apply for a conservation grant or even become a volunteer,


visit this website : https://www.mansfield.gov.uk/townscapeheritage



Do you have fond memories of visiting certain places? 


Can you tell us more about the businesses you used to go to and what it was like to shop there? 


Did you or a member of your family work on Leeming Street or in the Market Place?


If you'd like to share a memory or memories of Mansfield Market Place or Leeming Street with Mansfield 103.2 you can fill in the form below.